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Member Dues are $15 (This includes competition such as Regional and State Competition)
If you are a new member you will have to buy an FBLA T-Shirt. The price will be an additional $15.

You must sign a Member Contract!
You must have a 3.0 GPA
No Suspensions
Must Be Active
Must attend all meetings!!
We have an End Of The Year Pizza Party!!!
Please don't be afraid to share your ideas!!!

 In order to be in FBLA:

  • You must agree to be a positive influence in FBLA (Future Business Leaders Of America) and to assist members in participating in club and community  activities hosted by the organization.

  • You must also agree to exceed expectations in working with your adviser to make this club the best possible club it can be and to attend and conduct all meetings called by either the club , adviser or necessity.

  • You must understand this club will take time before and after school to operate optimally , and we will work diligently to make FBLA the best it can be.

Our Goal In FBLA Is To Make  Connections With People In The Real Life Business World.

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